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Friction Materials

Optimizing brake noise control and longer pad life


Akebono’s world-class brake R&D and manufacturing capabilities deliver customized brake noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) solutions for our customers. Extensive NVH testing and analysis capabilities produce disc pads and drum brake linings featuring outstanding noise control and longer life.


Akebono’s innovative friction materials are less abrasive to rotors than any others in the market. The result? A decrease in disc thickness variation, resulting in minimal roughness. We also increase rotor life by reducing the amount of high-hardness raw materials. In addition, our friction material generates much less wheel dust.

LACT Schedule Minimum Projected Lining Life


The difference in µ between a normal stop and panic stop with Akebono’s technology is typically less than 10 percent compared with our competition, who may lose 30 percent or more. This means predictable, safe performance when it is needed most.

Friction Stability Comparison Against a Competitor Semi-Metallic from Various Speeds


Akebono knows friction materials play an integral role in a vehicle’s braking system. We apply a total system approach to designing and manufacturing our friction products, carefully analyzing their interaction with a vehicle’s brake calipers and rotors. Optimum performance of brake disc pads and linings involves a complex interaction of raw material components combined with an exact production process to maximize braking consistency.