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Engineering Equipment and Facilities

Investing in state-of-the-art equipment - 21 dynos in North America

Akebono knows it takes more than hiring the best professionals in the brake business to lead the industry and ensure our customers’ success. That is why we continually invest in engineering equipment and other critical resources at a rate far exceeding our competition.

Growth chart in number of dynamometers from 1991 at 2 dynos to 23 dynos projected in 2004. In addition, there are 8 dynos in Europe and 71 dynos in Japan.

Akebono now has 21 dynamometers in operation at our North American R&D technical center, at an average cost of more than $1 million each. Globally, the company’s roster of dynamometers stands at a staggering 100, with more on order. Our North American testing facility is the industry’s only one that runs all dyno testing under full environmental control (heat and humidity). This is critical considering most brake noise events occur at specific temperature and/or humidity.

“Expended Environmental” Dynamometer (F-End Dynamometer)

“Expanded Environmental” Dynamometer (F-End Dynamometer)

Compact Friction - Noise Tester (CFNT)

Compact Friction - Noise Tester (CFNT)

We also design and build customized testing equipment for our unique needs. This includes the Akebono’ compact friction noise tester, a small-scale, environmentally controlled dyno specifically made for friction material evaluation.