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Rear Integral Caliper Ball and Ramp Parking Brake

Akebono offers a rear integral caliper with a ball-and-ramp parking mechanism that achieves a two-stage apply ratio. With the high efficiency ball/ramp design, an internal cable-applied mechanism pushes the piston and pads against the rotor for parking.

This brake uses our existing proven piston sub-assembly and adjuster designs, combining them with a high efficiency two-stage ball-and-ramp application mechanism. The ball-and-ramp design provides fast initial piston travel and high clamp force for hill hold. In a benchmark comparison test versus a competitor’s product, Akebono’s AD38 caliper required 30 percent less cable force and 10 percent less travel to achieve hill hold.

Graph of parking performance travel and force comparison between Akebono ball-and-ramp parking brake against competitor ball-and-ramp and cam-and-straut parking brakes.

Benchmark testing shows Akebono parking brakes lead competitors in load and travel performance. Our ball-and-ramp parking brake (AD38PR), for example, requires 30 percent less force and 10 percent less travel than our nearest competitor’s product.