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Akebono North America Headquarter and R&D Center in Farmington Hills, MI

“Through friction and vibration, their control and analysis, we are determined to focus on the creation of value from all associates and business partners through mutual respect, encouragement and support.”

This principle guides everyone at Akebono Brake Corporation in every endeavor.

It is reflected in a new product development effort that is unmatched by any competitor. The revenues that Akebono devotes to R&D are proportionately the highest of any brake manufacturer in the world.

The attitude engendered by our mission extends to our proprietary APS (Akebono Production System). Here, we practice continuous-improvement, benchmarking and inline process checking procedures to achieve nearly zero defective PPM — guaranteeing minimal process variation in all aspects of production.

In addition, through the principles of mutual respect, encouragement and support, our associates are induced to protect the health of the people who manufacture and use our products, promote the success of the communities in which we work and live, and preserve the environment that we all share.