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Akebono ProACT Ceramic Brake Pads Pro-ACT EURO
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Precise Control of NVH – Brake Noise, Vibration and Harshness

Akebono Ceramic Technology truly solves NVH problems in the aftermarket. Akebono Ceramic Pads are specified as original equipment for most top-selling domestic and import vehicles sold in North America. In fact, Pro-ACT pads feature the aftermarket’s only OE-validated, application-specific friction formulations. This results in superior braking performance.

Akebono calipers, when married with Akebono ProACT ceramic disc brake pads, perform much better in comparison to semi-metallic disc brake pads in all braking criteria under vertually all conditions.

Akebono has engineered hundreds of unique ceramic friction formulations for controlling and/or eliminating brake NVH issues. A typical Akebono ceramic friction pad contains an average of 20 raw ingredients, all of which are essential to the elimination of NVH. Conventional friction formulations may contain no more than eight, falling far short of any NVH control capability.

Each Akebono pad application features carefully engineered, scientifically applied chamfers and slots to reduce and/or eliminate noise. Precision-fit shims are also incorporated into the design to eliminate noise and deliver ultra-quiet, smooth braking performance.