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The Clean and Quiet European Brake Pad:
Specifically Designed for European Applications.

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EURO Ultra-Premium brake pads provide exactly the ideal vehicle control and
response performance intended by the manufacturers of European makes.

European car owners across North America now have a brake pad solution that will keep their wheels virtually free from dust and provide the European stopping power they expect. The use of highly advanced ceramic brake pad technology allows Akebono’s “EURO” pad line to provide excellent stopping power while extending rotor life and virtually eliminating brake dust.

Akebono is determined to focus on the creation of value in all products. For over two decades, Akebono Ceramic Technology (ACT) has been the original equipment (OE) standard on many of North America’s passenger cars, light trucks, and SUVs and has set the benchmark for ceramic pads used in OE vehicle production. Most importantly, European OE manufacturers now request Akebono products for their North American vehicles.

Akebono’s Aftermarket disc pads contain the same materials, engineering, quality standards, and advanced technologies used to create their OE ceramic brake pads. The use of Akebono ceramic brake pads ensures customer satisfaction and eliminates unnecessary return visits to the shop.

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